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Monday, July 21, 2014

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Hi Dolls!
I hope everyone is having a great week.
I'm a little late with getting this up here so I apologize! I've teamed up with some beautiful bloggers to bring a $150 cash giveaway to two lucky readers. Each winner will receive $75 cash from all of us! After you enter be sure to check out each of the other lovely ladies involved.

ELF Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer - Radiant Glow

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello Dolls!

I'm super excited about todays post because I feel like a found a gem. Well I don't know about found because it was right there on the shelf in Target. Anyways, ELF"s Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer in Radiant Glow is my new go to primer. You can just about guess one of the reasons I love this primer so much. Yes, it does have specs of gold in it. Glitter girls unite! However that isn't the only reason I love this primer.

It has a great satin soft feel and it doesn't leave your skin greasy like some primers do. We all know that most elf products are hit and miss, but the Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer is definitely a hit. I love the way my foundations sit on my skin after I apply this primer. Sometimes I even mix a little of the primer with my foundation just because I love the healthy glow it gives your skin.
You can get the primer for around $6 which is extremely cheap. In my honest opinion you can keep that extra cash in your pocket because this one is just as good as other high end expensive primers.

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Luxury For Princess Clip In Hair Extensions - 4 Months Updated Review

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hi Dolls!

So a little while back I did a review of Luxury For Princess clip ins. I was really excited about them because of how think and shiny and soft they were. I have had these clip ins for exactly 4 months and I do wear them daily. The hair is still very thick however I've noticed they have begun to increasingly shed a bit. The shedding isn't horrible but it can be tiresome to see it coming out when you run a brush through the hair. I will say I have been extremely hard on the hair. I have dyed it several times as well as put a lot of heat on them so I would say they are standing up great against all that I have done to them. I did cut a few inches off the hair because I was just looking for a change but the length of the clip ins was great before I cut them.

Softness & Shine
As for their softness and shine, I would give them a five out of a ten. I think no matter how well I condition them or how careful I am with the hair I don't think they will ever be as soft or shiny as they were maybe the first month or so I had them. If you look at how much stress I've put on the hair I think they still look pretty good.

The Ends
I am just now starting to see split ends on the hair and I think I might do another cut of them soon.

The clips on these extensions are amazing. Sometimes after a lot of wear on clip in extensions the clips become loose and don't snap close as tight as they should  I have had no problems at all when them snapping or falling off.

Looking at these clip ins overall I think they are a pretty good buy if you are looking to add volume and length to your hair. However I wouldn't suggest you wear them on an everyday basis because that does put a lot of strain on the hair.

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Urban Decay Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm

Monday, July 7, 2014

Having a summer time glow to me is super fun and gives you a gorgeous healthy look. Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands so as I was looking at their display in Sephora I noticed they had this new Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm. I'm normally a plain old vaseline on the elbows and knees kind of girl. However after rubbing a little of the beauty balm on my hands I noticed that it had a little sparkle to it. At this point I was sold. Yes that is sad I know, I can't resist something that shines! 
Any who.. I got it home and realized it didn't sparkle as much as I had though at first but the smell was nice and it did keep my ashiness at bay which is a plus. It is supposed to blur lines and tighten the skin. To me, I haven't seen much of that going on with my skin but It is nice to put on after a hot shower. I also like that it isn't greasy and it is sheer so don't worry about it bronzing your skin or changing your color.

Neon Pretty Peplum

Monday, June 23, 2014

 Hey Dolls! I hope everyone is have a great Monday. Lately I have been obsessed with neon bright colors. This lime green peplum is super cute and fun with the extra heart detail in the back. You can dress it up with heels and pants like I did or your can dress it down with shorts and sandals. 
Top - Forever 21 | Pants - Forever 21 | Heels - Steve Madden | Purse - Here | Rings - Here & Here | Hair - Luxury For Princess 220g  

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MAC Soft and Gentle

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MAC's Mineralized Skin Finishes are just amazing! I have a couple already but my all time favorite is Soft and Gentle. Soft I am a glitter girl no doubt and the gorgeous sparkle Soft and Gentle adds to the face is perfect for anyone who wants to glam up their look. It's prefect for using with your highlight and contour as well as simply something to add to the cheeks. A little goes a long way when applying so start out light and build up until your satisfied. 

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A Luxury For Princess Updated Review

Neon Stripes

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey Dolls! I have been missing in action for what seems like forever. The days have become so busy for me but I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!
Top - Similar | Skirt - Similar | Sandals - Here | Sunglasses - Similar | Hair - Luxury For Princess 220g  

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A Luxury For Princess Updated Review
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