Weave It To Me - Dirty Looks Clip In Extensions Review

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey Dolls! Having fabulous hair is always a must! Not everyone can grow pretty, full and flowing locks so the next best thing is to add some extra hair to glam your own up. The amazing people over at Dirty Looks sent me an amazing set of clip in. They are the 140 gram Bobby Glam Full Head Double Weft Clip In's in the color organic which you can check out here. I love myself some great hair extensions and these are my absolute favorite over any other brand that I have ever tried. Believe me,  I have had a good amount of money wasted on some nasty, shedding, and tangly hair and that is no fun. I was blown away with how soft and healthy they look. They keep a curl really well and to make the curls last even longer I flex rods at night before I go to sleep at night and have  curls for days! The clips on the wefts are durable which I always appreciate. Nothing is worst than a clip snapping in half making it hard to put on. I'm always a big stickler on how much hair comes in the set and I as impressed with the thickness of the wefts as well as how well constructed they are. Being a seven piece double wefted set each strip has two wefts attached to a net which you can take a look at below. I have had very little problems with tangling and the hair is super bouncy so it makes it easy for you to pop them in in two minutes and be on your way out the door.


Go check them out!
  1. Wow. These look great! I'm dying to try the bangs and the bouffant ones. They seriously have them in every style you could think of. Thank so much for sharing!





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