Forever 21 Premium Beauty Cosmetics

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

As I was surfing the web the other day I got to Forever 21 and came across their new line of "Premium Beauty" cosmetics. A while ago I picked up a nail polish here and there from them but never really tried any of their cosmetics. Everything I usually saw was either broken or super cheap looking so I was excited to see Forever 21 had decided to step up their game. The packaging looks pretty nice and I love good packaging so it wasn't had to convince me to check out some products. The pricing to me isn't horribly expensive but is just a dollar or two above drug store brands. However I did notice there wasn't a large color range which could be hard for some people to find good shades for their skin tone.  
Here are just a few products in the line I plan on trying out.

Matte Foundation $15

There are only three colors and the Light/Medium shades are very similar so it will be hard to choose which is right for you. I'm not exactly sure which one I would be but the Tan looks a bit dark for me.

Face Luminizer $11

Love these two colors. The bottle seems very small I'm assuming you won't be getting a lot of product.

Concealer Stick $11

Again, no range in colors and the Light/Medium shades look extremely similar to me. I'm really curious to find out if the coverage is good and if the concealer creases or not.

Volume & Length Mascara $10

What really drew me in was the brush on the tip of the mascara. I love curved brushes because they grab the entire lash line much better then straight across brushes.

Classic Blush $10

I love the colors of all three blushes. They look like they have a slight sparkle to them as well, which I think is fantastic. Hopefully they will have good pigment to them.

  1. I have not seen this line yet but it does look nicer than their usually as you mentioned cheaper looking beauty products. I do have to say I was impressed with the nail polish so hoping these pleasantly surprise me too! They need more range in colors though!


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